2015  POLICY  

This Company Policy, Rules and Regulations (the “Company Policy”) form an integral part of the contract of each dealer with the Company. As such, each Dealer is expected to have read and understood the contents of this Company Policy. Further, each Dealer is required to familiarize himself with the Company Policy as part of his obligations as Dealer of the Company Products.

To preserve the integrity of the company’s business, Dealers must observe the

company’s rules, regulations and Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards. Violation of these

rules will mean automatic deactivation, suspension or termination of account, depending on

the offense. After the deactivation of an account, the Dealer  will be given two (2) months

to clarify the issues pertaining to the deactivation by reporting to the management in person.

Non‐compliance will lead to the permanent deactivation of the account. 


This Company Policy may be amended, revised or modified in whole or in part without need of consent of the DEALERS.



Any person of at least eighteen (18) years old, a corporation, partnership or legal entity

may apply and become a 1BRO GLOBAL, INC. dealer  . An applicant who

wishes to become a Dealer must be capable of entering into a contract in accordance with

the laws of the Philippines and must comply with all legal requirements for conducting business

in the Philippines.

Dealers below (18) years old must submit a letter of consent from the parents or guardian with attachment of valid I.Ds.  No letter of consent no releasing of incentives and subject for termination of account.

If the Company determines that the Applicant is qualified to become a Dealer, the application will be approved and the Applicant will be informed of such approval. The Company reserves the right to reject or disapprove any application at its sole discretion without need of explaining the reason for such disapproval.



As 1BRO GLOBAL, INC. Dealer, he/she/it can now engage

in the direct selling of all 1BRO GLOBAL, INC. products and shall be

entitled to corresponding commissions, rebates, discounts and privileges given by the


Resigned or terminated Dealers, however, are no longer entitled to avail of

the aforementioned commissions and benefits.



1BRO GLOBAL, INC. dealer are considered “Independent

Dealers” and as such, there shall be no employeremployee relationship between them

and 1BRO GLOBAL, INC. shall not be responsible for any misrepresentation

made by its Dealers.

No Dealer possesses the authority to bind 1BRO GLOBAL, INC. to

any obligation.



A Dealer, and any resulting group, created or operated by proxy, whether

intentionally or inadvertently, is not allowed and shall be adjusted for compliance with

company policies.



1BRO GLOBAL, INC. Dealer shall be allowed to purchase only up to

a maximum of seven (7) heads/slots registered under his/her name. 

Excess slots/heads will terminate automatically by the Company.



(For Millionaires Club Member)

Re‐selling ofaccounts/heads/slots of Millionaire’s Club Member to any individual is strictly NOT ALLOWED whether he orshe belongs to the same group, cross line, upline, down line, relative or otherwise.   

(For Ordinary Dealers)

Re‐selling ofaccounts/heads/slots of a Dealer to any individual is ALLOWED provided that the new buyer agrees to the policy of our company and he/she is not yet a 1BRO Dealer and has no commitment to any dealer of 1bro.



It is against company policy forany dealer to change sponsors. Unauthorized transfers are considered as acts ofcross‐lining and are strictly prohibited. 1BRO GLOBAL, INC. will onlyconsider the first valid registration and any subsequent applications or registrations willnot be allowed.

 It is strictly prohibited to engage in any activity that involves the soliciting of

any Dealer  to transfer/move to a different group by making offers such as, but not

limited to, free slots, marketing support, financial support, etc.   

Only complaints from active distributors affected by the transfers stated above

shall be entertained by management.



The Dealer  is responsible for keeping the information in his accounts accurate.

1BRO GLOBAL, INC. reserves the right to take disciplinary action, which may

include the termination of the account, in the event that the company determines that false or

inaccurate information was given.



Upon the death of the Dealer, his/her account/s are transferable only to the

latter’s immediate family (father, mother, brothers, sisters and children).

Upon written request and approval by 1BRO GLOBAL, INC., a

DEALER may voluntarily pass on to his/her successor all rights including rights to

income and marketing position, together with dealer responsibilities and

The Company reserves the right to approve such voluntary transfers only on the

basis of highly meritorious reasons. 



All Dealers agree to assure 1BRO GLOBAL, INC.’s officers, agents

and directors that the latter be held harmless against any claim, demand, liability, loss, cost or

expense, including but not limited to legal fees, that may arise concerning the Dealer or the

Dealer’s business.



A Dealer’s authorization is for life, unless terminated voluntarily or involuntarily.


Voluntary Termination

A Dealer is considered to have voluntarily terminated his dealership

upon receipt by the 1BRO GLOBAL, INC. Head Office of his/her written

notice of resignation. He/She is thereafter disallowed to register under another network

for a period of six (6) months.


 Involuntary Termination

1BRO GLOBAL, INC. reserves the right to terminate the account

of any Dealer who violates the terms and conditions in the Dealer Application

Form, 1BRO GLOBAL, INC. policies and procedures, or for other just

cause. Involuntary termination is effective when the Dealer  receives actual notice of

the termination.



Dealers  shall remain loyal to the company and its policies and are not allowed to

join any other Multi‐Level Marketing (MLM) companies directly competing with 1BRO GLOBAL, INC. while they are an active member in the latter.




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